Saved By The Max Review/Photo Tour

Last week the LuchaBro and Luchadora ventured to sunny Los Angeles and literally the first thing we did after securing our bags in our AirBnB was head out to West Hollywood to visit Saved by the Max, a pop-up recreation of The Max diner from Saved By The Bell. As someone who has many fondContinue reading “Saved By The Max Review/Photo Tour”

Ultimate SDCC Packing List

WHAT UP INTERNET?! We are now one-month away from the Granddaddy of all cons, #SDCC2015. With that in mind I’ve decided to share the packing list I’ll use when prepping for our trip to San Diego. This list comes with a few caveats/assumptions: This Bro doesn’t cosplay I’ll be taking two checked bags in additionContinue reading “Ultimate SDCC Packing List”