The Peanuts Movie Quick Review (Spoiler-free!)

WHAT UP INTERNET?! Before I was into video games, movies, comics or anything else associated with the illustrious #NerdLife, there was Peanuts. The creation of the great Charles Schulz has always been something near and dear to my heart-the Peanuts booth was the very first booth I sought out the first time I hit theContinue reading “The Peanuts Movie Quick Review (Spoiler-free!)”

TruBros Top Cartoons

WHAT UP INTERNET?! The best part of being an adult? You can do whatever you want! (For the most part) You can spend your money how you see fit (see: all the #Exclusives we’ve secured from living that #ConLife) and spend your time doing what you please (See: #ConLife). Since I technically meet the definitionContinue reading “TruBros Top Cartoons”

SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 4: Sunday

SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 4: Sunday WHAT UP INTERNET?! After returning home to Texas and indulging in some of the most amazing #BroFuel (Franklin’s BBQ, scope our Instagram for mouth-watering pictures), I noticed I’ve been slacking when it comes to providing you with the TruBros recap of #SDCC2015. My sincerest apologies, Bros. Without further ado,Continue reading “SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 4: Sunday”

SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 3: Saturday

WHAT UP INTERNET?! Much like the days after spending your nights camped out on the lawn in front of the San Diego convention center, the post before this and the one which will follow are all a bit blurry. Nevertheless, with the help of the numerous pictures the crew and I snapped and our stackContinue reading “SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 3: Saturday”

SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 2: Friday

WHAT UP INTERNET?! My crew and I spent two nights camping out and since I preferred to be playing Ocarina of Time while I was camped out on the lawn of the San Diego Convention center, I wasn’t able to hit you with the #SDCC daily wrap up. For that I apologize. However, now thatContinue reading “SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 2: Friday”

SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 1: Thursday

WHAT UP INTERNET?! #SDCC Rule Number 1-MAKE SURE YOUR ALARM IS SET. Believe it or not Bros, I forgot to switch my alarm on after having so much fun catching y’all up on the days’ happenings. As such, I was unable to awake from my #Exclusive-induced slumber at an ungodly hour and get into lineContinue reading “SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 1: Thursday”

Ultimate SDCC Packing List

WHAT UP INTERNET?! We are now one-month away from the Granddaddy of all cons, #SDCC2015. With that in mind I’ve decided to share the packing list I’ll use when prepping for our trip to San Diego. This list comes with a few caveats/assumptions: This Bro doesn’t cosplay I’ll be taking two checked bags in additionContinue reading “Ultimate SDCC Packing List”

The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Review

WHAT UP INTERNET? Like many of my fellow Dead-heads I waited for last night’s season finale with a potent mixture of anticipation and anxiety brewing in the pit of my stomach. Before I delve into whether or not I was utterly heartbroken or completely relieved, let me just state: THIS POST WILL HAVE SPOILERS FROMContinue reading “The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Review”