How We Survived the 2021 Texas Snowstorm (Vlog)

Last week Texas was hit by a brutal snowstorm. Much of central Texas was left without power, water and many Texans were unable to travel due to weather conditions. It was actively snowing and temperatures were below 20 degrees Fahrenheit for multiple days, which is absolutely not something that typically happens in Texas. When weContinue reading “How We Survived the 2021 Texas Snowstorm (Vlog)”

Sandoitchi: Delectable Japanese-Style Sandwiches in Texas!

Last week the Sandoitchi pop-up debuted in Austin, TX and given I’m the proprietor of the TwitchGym aka the BrunchBro aka Mr. Dumbbells and Doughnuts, I had to reserve a pair of these highly coveted Japanese-style sandwiches. After watching an episode of Gochi Gang where host Reina Scully and Sean Evans devoured some gorgeous lookingContinue reading “Sandoitchi: Delectable Japanese-Style Sandwiches in Texas!”

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lookback

As 2020 draws to a close I find myself reflecting on the last trip my wife and I took, which consequently was the last organized race we ran to date. As we’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Walt Disney World in Florida multiple times over the past few years (sidebar: we actually got marriedContinue reading “Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lookback”

Where to Run: Hiking/Running from Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood sign (MAPS INCLUDED!!)

The Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic landmarks in the United States, so naturally when we visited sunny Los Angeles I wanted to hike to it. That being said, when I began looking up various trails to actually see the journey, the information I found was text heavy and wasn’t nearly as detailedContinue reading “Where to Run: Hiking/Running from Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood sign (MAPS INCLUDED!!)”

Fiesta 2019: The Fiesta Flambeau Parade

For the final video in our Fiesta 2019 recap we’l be taking a look at perhaps the most iconic event of the annual Fiesta San Antonio celebration, the Fiesta Flambeau parade. We already took a look at the King William Fair and the Fiesta de los Reyes event, but anyone from San Antonio will tellContinue reading “Fiesta 2019: The Fiesta Flambeau Parade”

Fiesta 2019 Recap: King William Fair

Continuing our Fiesta San Antonio 2019 Recap which began with the Fiesta de los Reyes event, below is a vlog recap of my personal favorite Fiesta event, the King William Fair. Set in the historic King William district and put on by the King William Association non-profit, this event is packed with family activities, tonsContinue reading “Fiesta 2019 Recap: King William Fair”

Fiesta 2019 Recap: Fiesta de los Reyes

Below is a vlog recap of Fiesta de los Reyes 2019, however I want to take a few minutes to cover Fiesta San Antonio for those of you who may not be familiar with Fiesta at all. The flagship event of San Antonio is Fiesta, which is a week and a half long festival encompassingContinue reading “Fiesta 2019 Recap: Fiesta de los Reyes”

Saved By The Max Review/Photo Tour

Last week the LuchaBro and Luchadora ventured to sunny Los Angeles and literally the first thing we did after securing our bags in our AirBnB was head out to West Hollywood to visit Saved by the Max, a pop-up recreation of The Max diner from Saved By The Bell. As someone who has many fondContinue reading “Saved By The Max Review/Photo Tour”