How We Survived the 2021 Texas Snowstorm (Vlog)

Last week Texas was hit by a brutal snowstorm. Much of central Texas was left without power, water and many Texans were unable to travel due to weather conditions. It was actively snowing and temperatures were below 20 degrees Fahrenheit for multiple days, which is absolutely not something that typically happens in Texas. When weContinue reading “How We Survived the 2021 Texas Snowstorm (Vlog)”

MrBeast Burger Review

I decided to break plant-based protocol for the first time in a long time to try MrBeast Burger, a virtual dining experience crafted by the famous philanthropist himself, MrBeast. If you’ve ever swung by the TwitchGym you’ve undoubtedly heard me say at some point I don’t watch Youtube. Other than the occasional how-to video orContinue reading “MrBeast Burger Review”

Unboxing the NikeSB Dunk High Pro Sail/Team Crimson

I’ve always been a fan of NikeSB Dunk High Pros and the variations of the Sail colorway have always held a special place in my heart. As soon as I heard about this pair I had to do my best to grab them and fortunately the Sneakergods smiled upon me. The suede accents and brightContinue reading “Unboxing the NikeSB Dunk High Pro Sail/Team Crimson”

Anyone Can Run – My First Marathon Experience (Pt. 3: Lessons Learned)

When I was actively training clients who wanted to complete their first race I’d always break down the race experience into the following three components: Training cycle (the most important component) Race day (the moment you’ve been waiting for) Lessons learned/reflection (the most critical for your development) Thus far we’ve covered both the training cycleContinue reading “Anyone Can Run – My First Marathon Experience (Pt. 3: Lessons Learned)”

Anyone Can Run – My First Marathon Experience (Pt. 2: Race Day)

Picking up where we left off during our previous installment, it’s time we jump directly into the actual race day experience of my first race, the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon! I woke up around 3:00am (after going to be around midnight like a super intelligent person) to have my pre-race meal (bagel and almondContinue reading “Anyone Can Run – My First Marathon Experience (Pt. 2: Race Day)”

Sandoitchi: Delectable Japanese-Style Sandwiches in Texas!

Last week the Sandoitchi pop-up debuted in Austin, TX and given I’m the proprietor of the TwitchGym aka the BrunchBro aka Mr. Dumbbells and Doughnuts, I had to reserve a pair of these highly coveted Japanese-style sandwiches. After watching an episode of Gochi Gang where host Reina Scully and Sean Evans devoured some gorgeous lookingContinue reading “Sandoitchi: Delectable Japanese-Style Sandwiches in Texas!”

Anyone Can Run Podcast – My First Marathon Experience (Pt. 1, Signing up and Training)

As an NCCA Certified Personal Trainer whose love affair with running was sparked by the decision to take on a full marathon with only a few months to train, it’s always been a passion of mine to help others reach their health and fitness goals. Anyone Can Run is the podcast I created to helpContinue reading “Anyone Can Run Podcast – My First Marathon Experience (Pt. 1, Signing up and Training)”

TruBros’ Top Anime of 2020

2020 was the year I truly began watching anime regularly. As someone who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z & Sailor Moon on Toonami in the late 90s-and absolutely hated every single second of it-it took me a couple decades before I even considered watching anime again. Bad dubs are absolutely a thing and givenContinue reading “TruBros’ Top Anime of 2020”