How We Survived the 2021 Texas Snowstorm (Vlog)

Last week Texas was hit by a brutal snowstorm. Much of central Texas was left without power, water and many Texans were unable to travel due to weather conditions. It was actively snowing and temperatures were below 20 degrees Fahrenheit for multiple days, which is absolutely not something that typically happens in Texas. When we lost power just before 2:00am on Monday morning we suspected it to be nothing more than a temporary outage as unfortunately, temporarily losing power and water is something we’ve become accustomed to. What we experienced was 47 hours without power and nearly 4 days without running water, along with an additional 2 days with a boil notice, meaning the water in our house was unfit for drinking/to be used with cooking.

Despite my predilections about not being on camera, as we approached the second night without power (and living with frigid temperatures inside our own home) I thought it would be best to chronicle my family’s experience during the Texas snowstorm. This was a harrowing experience for millions of Texans and it’s one I hope none of us ever has to repeat. Below is a vlog I began recording on Tuesday, February 16 with the final portion of the video filmed on Sunday, February 21. All videos are in chronological order and I decided to film this for a few reasons:

  1. To give us something to focus on mentally
  2. To chronicle our experience
  3. To have visual proof of what we went through because I am determined to not let this happen again to any of my fellow Texans.

I don’t anticipate doing too many vlogs in the future, but I thought this was important for us to keep record of. Below is a link to the video.


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