MrBeast Burger Review

I decided to break plant-based protocol for the first time in a long time to try MrBeast Burger, a virtual dining experience crafted by the famous philanthropist himself, MrBeast. If you’ve ever swung by the TwitchGym you’ve undoubtedly heard me say at some point I don’t watch Youtube. Other than the occasional how-to video or a Drdisrespect livestream, I’ve never followed any particular creator on the platform. When my brother in law mentioned he’d heard about MrBeast Burger-and he described it as a burger chain created by a Youtuber to help restaurants during the pandemic-I started following MrBeast on Twitter and largely forgot about it…until I saw him tweet and remembered I’d followed him. I then began doing some Googling behind MrBeast Burger and once I discovered the “virtual dining experience” meant the food was prepared in the kitchens of existing restaurants and is helping local spots make money, I knew I’d have to finally jump into the world of Youtube.

I began watching a number of his videos where he helps people financially and thought “You know what, I’ll break plant-based protocol to support this guy and a local business.” While we’ll dive into the whole “me going plant based” thing another time, I recently ordered MrBeast Burger TWICE and wanted to share my thoughts with y’all. The day after my first order I was discussing the burgers with my compatriots during our daily games and gains session in the TwitchGym (our 3x weekly streams on Twitch, for the uninitiated). My dynamic duos partner BraveProgram asked if I were to assign it a letter grade video game style, meaning F, D, C, B, A or S tier, where would MrBeast Burger’s namesake fall? This brief discussion was the impetus for today’s video, so shoutout Brave for the question.

I immediately said something to the effect of: “Before even taking a bite, knowing this is helping local businesses who have undoubtedly had sales go down due to the pandemic, that immediately vaults the burger to a “B” rating in my book.” Considering I’m no food critic and even if I were, that’d be tantamount to me weaving an eloquent tapestry of words to craft a beautiful picture which-while impressive-does little to actually describe the quality of the burger in terms you’re familiar with, I think it makes sense to provide a frame of reference as to my burger predilections. As such, let’s do a brief review of my rankings:

S tier – Gordon Ramsay’s Las Vegas restaurants: Burger and Hell’s Kitchen. Next level stuff which has no business being so fatty, juicy and delicious

A tier – Hopdoddy. Gourmet burgers with extremely high quality meats and ingredients

B tier – Whataburger & Shake Shack. Fast food tier but still very delectable. Neither are too greasy/fatty but still bursting with flavor. Both are loaded with salt but oh so good

C tier – Wendy’s & Five Guys (maybe?). Not sure about Five Guys as it’s been quite some time since I’ve had it, but the burgers don’t strike me as being particularly memorable, more so the fries. Wendy’s is bomb but the burgers are only so-so.

D tier – In-N-Out. Small and not particularly flavorful without the bountiful toppings/gimmicks.

F tier – McDonalds & Sonic. Both chains are solid but burgers are the last thing you want to get on their menus.

When I’m thinking about a burger I’m thinking meat and buns; too many gimmicks does not a good burger make. As we discussed previously, by virtue of the business model MrBeast Burger is immediately vaulted to the “B” tier. HOW DOES THE QUALITY OF THE BURGER AND FRIES COMPARE TO THE AFOREMENTIONED?!?! Well, let’s discuss.

I’m not going to fixate on presentation because when you’re ordering for delivery/to go, that shouldn’t be accounted for in my book. To me it’s all about the taste and if I had to rate MrBeast Burger solely taste, it’d probably be in the lower-B/C tier. The buns were pretty solid-slightly sweet and very soft. The smashed meat patty wasn’t comprised of the most high quality and/or juicy ingredients, but it also wasn’t largely devoid of flavor like those found at In-N-Out (Apologies to my California brethren-y’all need to get a real burger, stat!) and/or Sonic. It was fairly dry but still had an ok flavor. As we discussed just a few minutes ago, I’m totally against 🙅‍♂️ gimmicky toppings on burgers. However as the namesake “Beast style” burger came with ketchup and mayo (NEITHER of which belong on a burger) and subtractions aren’t allowed on the menu, I opted to order a Chris and Chandler style. Although the fries and meat both tasted as though they’d been frozen (quality wise), the fries, bacon, cheese and meat worked surprisingly well together. These won’t make me go back to consuming meat or dairy regularly, but this concoction was probably my favorite menu item.

On the chicken front however, MrBeast Burger did NOT deliver. I ordered the “Nashville Hot Chicken Tender Sandwich” and what I got was two frozen quality chicken tendies with mayo, pickles and some type of red pepper flake. Largely favorless and an INSULT to the good name of Nashville Hot Chicken, which is easily the best style poultry one can consume. That’s just science. It’s of note I ordered the Nashville Hot Chicken twice from two different locations and neither was memorable, so I’d suspect thems just the brakes and this is not an indictment of the locations who prepared our order.

Although they contain ketchup and mayo for some inexplicable reason, I also ordered the Beaststyle fries. I also ordered some regular fries and although I was disappointed upon opening my box with the label, I see the restaurant accidentally mislabeled the boxes so my fries were in fact delivered. Caramelized onions and cheese make all fries better. The mustard was an addition I expected to detest but ended up enjoying, considering the ketchup and mayo were all too overpowering. I love ketchup with fries as much as the next person, however it can be too sweet. The mustard helped “cut” the sweetness while the mayo served to ruin all flavor as it is wont to do.

Overall, MrBeast Burger on the taste front is quite acceptable. It certainly won’t blow you away by any means, however whenever you’re in need of a serviceable burger there are other options which are much worse. However knowing I’m supporting a local business is always a good feeling and I’d personally rather give my hard earned money to a local spot than not. I’m here to tell you, MrBeast; if you’re ever in need of a certified personal trainer I’ve got your back as I love what you’re doing not just for your local community, but mine as well 💪

Want to actually see the MrBeast Burger menu get destroyed?! Check out the video below:


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