Unboxing the NikeSB Dunk High Pro Sail/Team Crimson

I’ve always been a fan of NikeSB Dunk High Pros and the variations of the Sail colorway have always held a special place in my heart. As soon as I heard about this pair I had to do my best to grab them and fortunately the Sneakergods smiled upon me. The suede accents and bright color palette make for a very versatile colorway and these have easily been the pair I’ve worn the most over the past year. When the wife and I took a staycation for our anniversary last year this was the one pair I took with me as they’re great for dressing up or for rocking a more casual look.

Although the top of the tongue quickly got tinged with blue due to my jeans these are a fantastic addition to the daily rotation. If you’re on the market for a new colorway and like me, tend to gravitate towards darker colors, I’d recommend checking out a Sail colorway combination. Although I wasn’t able to secure the Atlas “Lost at Sea” they were absolutely one of my favorite pairs of 2020 and these are heavy hitters which I wear regularly and can’t recommend enough.

For a quick look at this gorgeous pair check out the video below!


#Unboxing my most worn pair of 2020: the NikeSB Dunk High Pro Sail/Team Crimson #sneakers #sneakerheads #Unbox

♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

Have a pair you’ve unboxed which absolutely blew your mind? Which were they? Also, what shoes have you been rocking lately? Comment below and let’s talk about what shoes you’ve worn the most over the past year!


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