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We release two videos weekly on YouTube. We cover fitness, sneakers, tech, gaming and just general adulting. You may occasionally see the “LuchaBro” in our older content-that’s yours truly but the mask is now off 💪

Anyone Can Run is THE podcast which is all about cultivating our marathon mentality both on and off the race course. Whether you’re a new member of the running community or far along on your health and fitness journey, get involved wherever you get your podcasts.

TruBros.com is where we aggregate all the content we’ve created over the years. Although much of our efforts are focused on “Anyone Can Run” and YouTube, we still publish the occasional post from time to time.

Get to Know the Bro


I’m TruBros and I’ve been creating content since 2014. I believe everyone should live a healthy and fit lifestyle and that’s why I created the “Anyone Can Run!” podcast. I live in Austin, TX and am married to my best friend-you’ll see her pop up on vlogs occasionally. I used to create content as the “LuchaBro” however given how little Latino/Hispanic representation I see I decided to take the mask off and get in front of the camera. I’m currently affiliated with Honey Stinger, Quest Nutrition and Goodr.

Our Most Recent Blog Posts (these are very infrequent. YouTube videos go live twice a week and Anyone Can Run episodes drop every other Wednesday!)